Fire and smoke detectors

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Fortunately, we have rarely had any fires in our estate. But should the accident happen please call 112 or if possible, put out the fire.

Besides you must contact the local office in the first weekday after the incident.You can do so in person or by phone to get an assessment of the damages. Opening hours for the local office can be found here.

You can also call the emergency number at BELFOR 58 56 83 55.
Read more about the emergency number here.

Smoke detectors

In our estate and the apartments, we have smoke detectors. You are responsible for maintaining these. They must be free of dust, cobwebs and other items blocking their sensors. They can be cleaned with a moist cloth and or vacuumed clean.

There is a 9V battery in all smoke detectors, which must be changed every couple of years. When a battery change is due, the smoke detector will sound with a beep tone at regular intervals. You can read more about the smoke detectors in the manual for connected apartments. If the smoke detectors in the hallways need a change of battery, you must inform the local office. You can reach the local office here.