Electronic door tags

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When you move in, you’ll receive 3 key tags. The key tags can be used for the front door, gates, bulky waste sheds and the laundry rooms.

Besides you can use them for the baby carrier rooms, if you ask at the local office for access.

If you lose a key tag, please inform the local office so they can delete the tag. If it’s not deleted, it can be used in the laundry room on your bill.

You can buy extra tags at the local office, for 80 DKK a piece.
If you need extra keys for your mailbox or your apartment door, you must make your own copies. The local office has no extra copies of your keys or your mailbox. If you are locked out of your apartment, you must pay for a locksmith.
The local office can help you with contacting a locksmith, but you’ll have to pay for it yourself.

You can find a list over our regular craftsmen here.

If the lock on the front door is blinking when you use your tag:
1 time green: you have access, and the door is open for 5 seconds.
1 time red: you do not have access.
3 times red and then green: the battery is almost out for this lock, please contact the local office, so they can change the batteries.

If your key tag does not work for some reason, please contact the local office and they’ll recode your tag or give you a new one.