Parking permits

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To park in Tværvangen or most of Parkstykket a parking permit is necessary. The parking permit is issued by the local office and the local committee. To be eligible for a parking permit you must be a resident in estate 28-30 and own a car. It is also possible to get a permit if you are car sharing. Documentation is necessary.

At the local office you can fill out an application for a parking permit. In the application rules and regulations for parking locally can be found and these rules must always be followed, or the parking permit can be withdrawn. QPark is responsible for maintaining the rules and any parking fees is handled between the tenant and QPark. The local office has no jurisdiction over parking fees.

You can also download the application here:

Parking permit application

A parking permit is 50 DKK a month and is deducted via the rent.

More about QPark who is responsible for parking here.

Quest permits can be purchased at the local office, these permits allow 24 hours parking. Quest permits are 10 DKK a piece The local office..

Free municipal parking is an option on Hyrdevangen, Frederikssundsvej and Hareskovvej.

For advice or guidance please feel free to contact the local office.