Estate committee

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In the estate committee we have a lot of tasks. Among others we take part in the administrative tasks in our estate, we manage the budget and the economy, negotiate contracts with contractors, plan and manage projects, handle contact with you, the tenants, and many others.

The estate committee does not handle the waiting lists/appartment offers, rent, inkasso or bailiff cases.
AAB is responsible for handling and administrating these matters.

Contact information for the estate committee can be found here

In the estate committee we are 5 members including chairman and cashier. Besides the members there is two alternates.

Chairman Jannis På valg i 2024
Cashier Julius På valg i 2024
Estate committee member Fatiha På valg i 2024
Estate committee member Ayoe Ayoe Nissen Up for election in 2023
Estate committee member Fatma Fatma Tounsi På valg i 2024
Alternate Hanne img_0001 Up for election in 2023
Alternate Connie på valg i 2024


Bestyrelsens Forretningsorden vedtaget d. 15/9-2022

Estate Committee meetings

Transcrips from the estate committee meetings. Points regarding personal matters or staff matters will be noted as closed points. All transcrips are in danish.

Bestyrelsesmøder 2023

Estate Committee meetings 2022

Beboerreferat fra virtuelt bestyrelsesmøde d. 22 december 2022

Beboerreferat Virtuelt bestyrelsesmøde d. 10 november 2022

Beboerreferat Bestyrelsesmøde d. 26 oktober 2022

Referat Bestyrelsesmøde d 13 oktober 2022

Referat Bestyrelsesmøde d 29 september 2022

Referat bestyrelsesmøde d. 8 august 2022

Referat bestyrelsesmøde d. 1 august 2022

Referat bestyrelsesmøde d. 20 juni 2022

Referat bestyrelsesmøde d. 19 Maj 2022

Estate committee meeting 24th of march 2022

Estate committee meeting 9th of february 2022

Estate Committee meetings 2021:

Referat bestyrelsesmøde 1. november 2021

Referat bestyrelsesmøde 4. oktober 2021

Estate Committee meetings 2020

Beslutningsreferat bestyrelsesmøde 6. februar 2020

Beslutningesreferat for bestyrelsesmøde 21. juli 2020

Beslutningsreferat bestyrelsesmøde 31. august 2020

Estate Committee meetings 2019

Beslutningsreferat bestyrelsesmøde 18 marts 2019

Beslutningsreferat bestyrelsesmøde 29 april 2019

Beslutningsreferat bestyrelsesmøde 13. maj 2019

Beslutningsreferat af bestyrelsesmøde 26-08-2019

Beslutningsreferat af bestyrelsemøde 31-10-2019