Electricity, Gas, Water and Heat

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When you move in, our estate caretaker has read the meter and sent to the power company. However, you still need to contact a power provider, to sign up at your new address.
When you move out, it is very important that you do not cancel your power contract. The craftsmen and cleaning people that are in your apartment after you move, will need electricity to work. The estate caretaker will read your meter once the apartment has been renovated.

You are responsible for informing your power provider about your new address, and they will send you a final bill when everything is done.

When you move in, there might or might not be a gas meter in your apartment. If you wish to install a gas stove you must contact a plumber and when he has installed the stove and possibly the meter, he will sign you up with HOFOR.

Danish folder about gas
Pjece om 10 gode grunde til gas i boligen

If you do not install a gas stove, the gas meter must be taken down for safety reasons.
This is done by calling a plumber, who will uninstall the meter and inform HOFOR. If you do not do this, HOFOR will contact you and inform you about it. You will be charged for taking down the meter.

Read more about city gas and gas meters here.

Water is included in your rent. But since we all pay for it together, it still makes sense to not use to much water.
Besides saving on all of our resources, is always a bit greener.

Save water

Copenhagen Municipality, read more about water here

Heat is paid as on account payment along with your rent. It is split into equal amounts for the whole year.
Once a year your total use will be calculated and you will be charged or refunded, depending on the amount of actual heat you used.
When you move out your final amount will be calculated and billed.

If they don’t the system will fail to work, and you will risk paying an excessive heat bill.

The heat meters are measured wirelessly with a unit in the hallway and it’s not necessary to enter the apartment to read the measurement.