Event Room

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You can book the event room by contacting the local office or the estate committee.

If you're interested in booking the room, please contact the local office within the opening hours, which can be found here Or you can request it through this form Booking form .

Guide to the use of the event room

Booking the room and deposit payment

- The event room can be booked up to 6 months in advance. No more. The room is booked after a "first come first serve" principle.

- Booking can be made through the local office.

- Prebooking the room is only valid, when a deposit of 1000 DKK has been payed in the local office. The deposit is additonal to the booking fee.

- Cash payment is not possible at the local office. The booking fee and the deposit can be payed via mobilepay or bank transfer.

- Up until 7 days before the first day of booking the booking can be cancelled without any cost. After the deadline the deposit will not be returned.

The booking fee has to be payed when picking up the key, at the latest.

Single day booking fee 250 DKK

Full weekend booking fee 500 DKK

- The room is available from 12PM on the 1st day of booking, unless other arrangements are made in advance.

- Pickup of the key is arranged with the local office or the estate committee.

Use of the event room

- The rules for using the event room is described in "Rules for use of the event room Hareskovvej 25" which can be found in the local house rules here.

- If the rules for use of the event room are not followed, the booking can be cancelled immediately, and the room must be vacated. No fees will be returned if this happens.
Only members of the estate committee can decide to cancel an ongoing booking.

Before returning the keys to the event room:

- Check that all outer doors are locked.

- Tables and chairs must be placed as indicated on the plan in the kitchen.

-All cutlery, plates and glasses must be returned to their correct places, as marked in cupboards and drawers.

- Cleaning must be satisfactory, as described below.

Cleaning instructions

- After using the event room, make sure to clean up, vacuum and wash the floors. It is ok to leave the clean cutlery and glasses etc. in the dishwasher.

– Borde, køkkenborde, køkkenvask, køleskab, komfur, ovn, bar, kaffemaskine og opvaskemaskine skal være rengjorte

- Broom, sweeping tray, cleaning bucket and vacuum can be found in the event room.

Cleaning supplies and dishwasher tablets are available and can be found in the depot.

- Toilet and bathroom sinks must be clean, inside and out and dried of.

- All trash must be removed, Please use the trash cutes in the courtyard.

- If cleaning is not done in a satisfactory manner, additional cleaning will be billed with 400 DKK pr hour, for as many hours as it takes to clean properly.

Returning the room and receiving the deposit:

After using the room, the key must be returned at the local office along with a list of any broken or lost items or other damages. (It can be returned in the mailbox)

- The key and list must be delivered at the earliest possible time. At the very latest both must be returned on at 10 AM the next workday in the event room, unless there has been made other arrangements with the local office or the local committee beforehand.

The deposit is returned by personal appearance in the local office. Damaged inventory, unsatisfactory cleaning, broken glasses, or other damages due to the use of the event room will be deducted from the deposit.

The deposit can be witheld untill the event room has been checked.

General information:

- Toiletpaper, soap, sanitary bags and ordinary trash bags are available.

Light and electricity turns off automatically at 4:00 AM (excluding fridge and dishwasher)

- The event room is approved and equipped with glasses, cutlery and serving platters etc. for a maximum of 50 people.

- It also has a large fridge, large freezer, large stove, and an ordinary oven in the kitchen.

Representatives from the local committee are at all times permitted to inspect the event room during the rental period.

The rules have been adopted on the ordinary tenants meeting 27th of May 2013