Laundry Rooms

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Here in our estate, we have 4 laundry rooms which we can all use.

When you need to do laundry or reserve a time you must use your door chip on the touch screens in the laundry rooms.

Instructions on using the machines and the touch screen, can be found in the laundry rooms or here.

If you have any problems with the machines, please use the touch screen to report the error.


Small machine: 10 DKK
Large machine: 14 DKK
Dryer: 3 DKK pr 10 minutes

DO NOT use your own detergent or softener in the machines! It will destroy the machines. The have an automated supply of detergent, which is Svanemærket and allergy friendly.

You can also use this link to reserve a time slot here:
(Log on with the name “AAB” and afdeling: “28-30”)

You can find your username and password using the laundry room touch screens. Use your chip on the reader and you can find the information at the top left corner under “my account”.

The money you spend on laundry, will automatically be deducted along with your rent once a month.

You can find the laundry rooms at:
Parkstykket 2 – 4
Parkstykket 15
Parkstykket 20 -22
Utterslevvej 5